About Us

About Us

My first experience when I was a little kid that something was very wrong was when my dad took me by the hand and told me to be quiet and get in the car-we were going to K-mart in Westminster Ca. It was August 1965 and we had just watched a tv news program of the Watts Riots in Los Angeles. I remember seeing a man run out of a store carrying a lamp while the store burned behind him and I laughed thinking that was funny. My dad was not laughing. He had moved from Kansas to start a new life in the golden state, though we lived south of L.A. in Orange County, he had no idea of what may happen with the violence and looting. We went to K-mart to the sporting goods section and stood in line to buy a rifle. At that time there was only a waiting period for handguns in California. When we got to the front of the line my dad said he wanted a shotgun and the salesman said they are all gone and only 3 rifles were left-pointing at the rack. Dad bought all three. That impression has been implanted in my collective memory that I will never be defenseless. Whenever I take my garand out to clean or shoot I recall that hot summer day in 1965.

In the 1990’s my brother and I partnered in a gun dealership (FFL) in California. We made the rounds of the local southern California gun show circuit. Those were great years. We sold some fine guns to some great Californians. The laws changed and basically put us out of business. My brother went back to construction and land development and I continued in the real estate accounting field. Still, we kept an eye on the firearms industry and I ventured back into the business with Garandclips.com and have been selling enblocs since just before 9/11. Proud to state that in all those years I have never one one return!

If you own the M1 Garand, you own not only own a firearm, you own a piece of history that in large part is the reason a swastika or the rising sun does not fly over our nation’s capital-so critical was the over 5 million Garands that were built to the effort to defeat the axis powers.

Take care of that rifle, be safe, teach your kids the meaning of and the price paid for our freedom as we are only one generation away from losing those God given rights.

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